5 Steps to Sharing His Love

Go For 100!

Pray – Prioritize – Prepare – Pay Attention – Pursue Opportunities

You ready? We have a job to do….seriously, a Mission. We have a purpose that is greater than all purposes.  To have God’s love flow through us and to bring His children into the family!  If you’re still thinking that your purpose is to eat, drink, and build YOUR kingdom, read on…because you were made for so much more than that!

Check out what Matthew said… “But the seed falling on good soil refers to someone who hears the word and understands it. This is the one who produces a crop, yielding a hundred, sixty or thirty times what was sown.” (that’s from Matthew 13:23)

Have you heard the Word?  Do you understand it? REALLY?

It’s all about LOVE.  Loving everyone into the family!

 Peter is urging us (in 2nd Peter 1:8) from being Ineffective and Unproductive in your knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

The very last thing I want my life to be:    Ineffective!      Unproductive!

What I do want my life to do:     Yield 100X what was planted into my life!

I want to yield at least 100 new family members in the kingdom!   You too,  right?  So HOW are we going to get there? Here’s how:

1.      PRAY    -  Ask the Lord to help you to see others through His eyes of love and compassion.   As you read His Word, sing songs of worship, pray, hear messages etc, soak Him in.  Soak in His love and forgiveness and kindness and patience for you…  just for you, just as you are.    Ask Him to live through you so others will experience His great love too.   That’s the first step. If you don’t pray…. it’s not going to work.   The power of His love in you is the key.

2.      PRIORITIZE  – Yes, many days we have lived for our own agenda.  For ourselves.  For our families.  What WE want to do.   It’s just so easy to be selfish.   We never forget to take care of ourselves!  But now it’s time to put the Lord’s mission first.  Jesus said to seek FIRST His kingdom.  That means NOW.   His kingdom is PRIORITY 1.  He promises all the other things will be added to us.  And we’ll get to see MIRACLES!

3.      PREPARE -   You’re gonna need stuff.  We need to put truth into someone’s hands.  The good news is that today, it’s pretty inexpensive… and even Free!

Print Free Love Leaflets (see or make your own.

Print Free Prayers and God’s Promises for almost every situation from

Print free excerpts from books – and on a variety of topics – Anxiety, Heaven, Forgiveness, Family, Marriage, Thankfulness etc.

Get Free Devotionals from,

Gather New Testaments and other resources your have liked, such as Jesus Calling.

Checkout the posts on our community page  – Like, Share and Comment!

For tons more great ideas, check out

Fill your pockets – your purse – your backpack – your car.  Don’t leave home without it!

4.      PAY ATTENTION –   Keep on the lookout.  At work.   Running errands.   At the park.  At the fitness club.   At the hospital.   At school.   At church.  In your neighborhood.  When you see a post on to share.   Or an inspiring email that you can forward.  As you go through your day, ask the Lord to show you each person through His eyes of love….you will want to reach them all!   He will guide you on what to say and what to do, but you have to Pay Attention!

5.      PURSUE OPPORTUNITES -  No need to be shy.  You are simply blessing their day.  Showing genuine care and concern.  As you ask “How’s your day going?”, the Lord will lead you on what to say to encourage them.  Sometimes you only have the opportunity to give them a Love Leaflet.   Other times you will have the opportunity to tell them a Bible verse or devotional that has helped you, or how you have received answer to prayer.  Sometimes you will be able to share how God has changed your life!  If there is a need, ask if they would like for you to pray for them, (they always say yes), and offer a prayer together right there.    Conversations about struggles easily move the discussion towards God’s love and promises.  Conversations about relationship conflicts open the door to discussion about forgiveness and the reconciliation we have with God because of Jesus’ death for us.

Plant a seed.  How wonderful if you get to water the seed and watch it grow!  Plant lots of seeds.   He will make them grow.  And you will see the harvest!!!

So let’s PRAY.    Yes…. NOW.    We don’t pray later, because later never comes!  LOL!

Lord, thank You for the amazing love and grace You have shown to me.  Thank You for continually forgiving me, for teaching me, for guiding me, for cleansing me, for giving me everything I need.  There are so many out there that need a touch from You.  I give myself to You  to use me in Your kingdom however You see fit.  Help me to reach someone with Your love today.   Fill me with Your love in such a way that it spills out onto others.  I trust that You will give me the words to speak at that moment.  And I trust that Your Word will accomplish Your purpose.  Please prepare each heart to receive.  I trust Your promise that as I seek first Your kingdom, that all the other things will be added to me.  And I thank You for the promise that You are able to do exceeding abundantly above all that I ask or think, according to Your power that works in me.  I believe You.  And I know You will go before me, Jesus.  All for Your glory, Amen.

PRIORITIZE – Surrender your day to Him right now.   Surrender again in an hour.   Repeat.

PREPARELet’s go right now to PREPARE  – Print and Gather everything you will need.

PAY ATTENTION - Eyes open… see each person as Jesus does.  They ALL need Him.

PURSUE OPPORTUNITIES – What are you doing still reading this post?  You’ve got opportunities to pursue!  LOL!



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