50 Tips

        5o EASY Ways to Reach A Life Today!

                                           LEVEL 1 – Eazy Peazy!

  1. PRAY for opportunities to share God’s love – and keep your eyes open!
  2. Like, Share, and Comment on Reach A Life Today’s Facebook posts!
  3. Forward “The Miracle Man” FREE E-Book to a friend .
  4. Get the Free YouVersion App on your phone and share it.
  5. Print sample resources and get books/resources to keep handy to give to those you meet.
  6. Add a Bible verse to your email signature line.
  7. Wear a Jesus necklace, lanyard, t-shirt, etc.
  8. Concerned about a friend?  Shoot them a Prayer Text!
  9. Put Jesus logos on your car…and drive like Jesus would!Fish Emblem on suv
  10. Play Christian music at work.
  11. Send a card with a prayer/verse to someone who is sick or who has lost a loved one.
  12. Put a Jesus stickie on a mirror (anywhere!) w/a verse, prayer, or inspirational quote.stickie on mirror
  13. Someone new at work?  Invite them to lunch.


                                                 LEVEL 2 – Up Half a Notch!

  1. Pray with a friend on the phone - anywhere!
  2. Give a friend a Devotional Flip Calendar – Jesus will speak to their hearts.
  3. Print & Hand out “Love Leaflets” everywhere you go.
  4. Did a friend just share their problems with you? Stop & Pray with them…right then and there.   Especially if someone asks for prayer!
  5. Give a friend who wants to learn more about God and the Bible, this link
  6. Give a worship CD to a friend…. see – Free!Blessings CD
  7. Share a Bible verse or Prayer on Twitter or Facebook.
  8. Give “Jesus the Man Who Loves Women-Chapter 2″ to a buddy. Chapter 2
  9. Give Christmas cards to your co-workers.
  10. Give Free Prayers & Promises for Tough Times to those who are in tough times.
  11. Ask a friend to go to worship with you.
  12. Tell a friend about Christian radio in your area.
  13. Make holiday decorations to give to your co-workers.
  14. Soak yourself in God’s Word with Scripture Songs–share one you learned!
  15. Email an inspiring YouTube video link and Post it on Facebook.


                                          LEVEL 3 – Up one more notch!

  1. Start an Email Prayer Group – pray for each prayer request in the email.
  2. After you’ve shared God’s love with someone, ask if they want daily encouragement – then you can get their email and sign ‘em up for Crosswalk’s Free Daily Emails!
  3. Visit someone who is on the prayer list or at a nursing home – take them Prayers/Promises.
  4. Fill your car with Books and Excerpts & give `em away!index_image725
  5. Give Prayer Flippies to your friends – .10 cents!
  6. Invite buddies over to watch a Gospel movie like “Matthew” and “John“-see Pinterest.
  7. Stop what you are doing to pray with someone who has lost a loved one.
  8. Comment/Reply in love to an inspiring or controversial YouTube video.
  9. Send a friend with marriage problems link to Savior Marriage Now –excerpt online.
  10. Tell a friend about Heaven from “Heaven is For Real”.
  11. Celebrate Valentines at work with “Love Snippets”.
  12. Tell a friend about and messages that have blessed you.
  13. How to Bead a Crosspull and give them out with Halloween candy.


LEVEL 4 – Be Bold!

  1. Start a Prayer Group/Bible study at work during lunch.  It’s easier than you think!
  2. Use the YouVersion Bible app as a translator to share in any language!
  3. Put “Love Leaflets” at stores you shop at, and wherever the Lord leads!
  4. Pass out Prayers and Promises for Times of Sickness at the hospital.
  5. Put a Nativity Scene at your desk at Christmastime, with “Believe” leaflets marked – “Merry Christmas! Take One!”index_image463
  6. Send an awesome YouTube at Easter link- like
  7. Give the fast food checker 2 Love Leaflets- 1 for him/her and 1 for the checker to give the driver behind you, after you pay for their meal too!
  8. Put the “Thankful” Leaflet on your co-workers’ desks at Thanksgiving.
  9. Make friends wherever you go.  Ask the Lord how you can help them to know him.