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Hope you love these stories I wrote about ordinary people like us, who received miracles from Jesus! Imagine yourself as the blind man who received his sight! And the paralyzed man who was healed! And even the thief on the cross beside Jesus! Jesus is the Miracle Man!

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You just never know when you will have the opportunity to encourage someone about God’s love and promises.  Every day is an adventure!   So Be Prepared!  Keep your favorite books and excerpts of books, (provided by authors on with you, to give to anyone who expresses a need.  They are searching for answers, and we have the answer!  We just have to be ready!


Here are some of the books that I keep handy.  Of course, this is not a complete list of all the wonderful books available, but they are great resources to help the people you meet.


A Wonderful Book about Jesus’ Great Love

One of my favorite books is “Jesus, the Man Who Loved Women”.  This beautiful book reveals Jesus’ tender heart as He reached out in love to 11 women and changed their lives.  Each chapter has a love letter from Jesus to that woman… and to us.  Prepare to see Jesus as never before, and then to see others through His eyes.

“Jesus, The Man Who Loved Women”excerpt

I love this book so much that I made Jesus the Man – Study Questions  for our study groups.   And I wrote a chapter about the time Jesus met the Syrophoenician Woman. (Matt.15)  Hope you see Jesus as never before!

Books on Relationships & Marriage:

“The 5 Love Languages” by Gary Chapman

5 Love LanguagesThis book will help you to understand your loved one’s “Love Language” – what makes them “feel” loved, so you can keep their love bucket full!  There is a quiz to help you find out what your primary Love Language is – Acts of Service, Quality Time, Gifts, Words of Affirmation, or Affection.  Love transforms any relationship – this book will help each one give and receive love in a dynamic and lasting way.

“The Love Dare” by Stephen & Alex Kendrick

Love DareThis book is a 60 day Challenge to love sacrificially, as Jesus loves.  The challenge starts out from a completely broken relationship and works through day by day until the relationship is restored.  From the Kirk Cameron movie,  “Fireproof”.

Anxiety & Fear:

Security“The Promise of Security” by Beth Moore

This is a short booklet  with excerpts taken from “Insecurity – You’ve Been a Bad Friend To Us”.  Excerpts include “When Life Seems Unpredictable” , “When You Long to be Healthy and Whole”, “When You Feel Alone”, and more.   Cost is low enough to be able to give away easily.


“The Power of Prayer-Book of Prayers” by Stormie Omartian

Praying Wife

This is just one example of Stormie’s many Books of Prayers. Prayers for a Wife, for a Husband, for a Parent, For Troubled Times, the Prayer that Changes Everything….  You can get the app, or buy the booklets.  I can’t say enough wonderful things about how Stormie’s prayers help me to pray, when I just can’t form the words.  And help me to pray about matters that I didn’t even realize I needed.  Thank you Stormie!


Times of Sorrow:

“Heaven is For Real”  Todd Burpo & Lynn Vincent


We “know” Heaven is for real.  But when someone we love is passing, do we have a vision for the joy they are entering?  Little Colton Burpo tells our hearts, from a child’s perspective, how there is no need to fear.  Everyone is healthy in heaven…the angels sing to you….and the first person you see is Jesus!  Share this story with anyone whose health or the health of their loved one is failing … wonderful!


Overcoming Doubt:

Escape From ReasonEscape from Reason  by Frances Schaeffer

Truth used to be based on reason. No more. What we feel is now the truest source of reality. Despite our obsession with the emotive and the experiential, we still face anxiety, despair, and purposelessness.

How did we get here? And where do we find a remedy?

In this modern classic, Francis A. Schaeffer traces trends in twentieth-century thought and unpacks how key ideas have shaped our society. Wide-ranging in his analysis, Schaeffer examines philosophy, science, art and popular culture to identify dualism, fragmentation and the decline of reason.

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