Who’s the Boss?


Just heard a powerful message on “Addictions”.   Now before you close the screen, cuz you’re not an “addict”, gimme a minute.   To be honest, I wasn’t terribly looking forward to that message, because I figured it would be on the “typical” addictions like alcohol and drugs.                But boy, was I wrong!

It was about WHO or WHAT is in control of your life.
WHO or WHAT are you addicted to, to make you happy and make you feel fulfilled?  Addictions can be ANYTHING!
So,WHAT are YOU addicted to? What are you counting on?
Of course we know the Bible says that “Jesus is Lord”.  He is the boss.  We KNOW  that “one day every knee will bow and every tongue will confess it”. (Philippians 2:11)

But let’s get real. Who is really in the driver’s seat of your life?

Who’s your boss?

A boss leads.  The servant follows.

Do you REALLY trust the Lord to direct your life?  That His way will fulfill you?

Am I going too fast for anybody?

Jesus said “No one can serve two masters” – or 2 bosses.   There’s really only ONE running the show.

The Bible says we are to have “No other gods before Him”.  (Exodus 20:3)  Well, I seriously doubt many of you are bowing down to a stone or wooden idol.   But you are bowing to someone.  No doubt about it.  The question is… are you bowing down to – following -  being lead by Jesus?

He is the only Master who always looks out for your perfect good.  The only Master who loves you and died for you.  The only Master worthy of bowing your knee to.   The only Master worth following.  And He makes every day an adventure, when we just follow Him.

When folks heard the “Addictions” message, they realized they had let something or someone run their lives… control their happiness… be their source of fulfillment.  Have you?  Maybe your job?  Or what others think of you?   It could be alcohol, drugs, or pornography.   It could be sports or entertainment.   Or  your “significant other”.   Maybe food.   Maybe your appearance.

We have to realize that those other “masters” will fail us.   None of them have the power to be a good master.  They don’t have unfailing love.  Even if it’s someone near and dear to you, they are still not worthy of first place.   Putting them first is the wrong place and is emptiness.  First place is RESERVED for God alone.  Nothing….No one….No other before Him.

After hearing that message, I witnessed folks laying down those “idols” that were unworthy of following.  Some laid down destructive idols like I mentioned before.   Some broke idols of bad stuff like…….. SELFISHNESS.


“Self” doesn’t sound so bad, until you realize it’s basically saying “I’m my own God.”  I’m running my own life, thank you very much.  I’ll make my own choices of where I go, what I say, what I do.  I will choose how I spend my time and my money.  I will choose who I will be nice to, who I will like, who I consider worthy of my concern.  I will do what I want, when I want, however I want, all based on my own set of standards.   And if something doesn’t go my way, I will fight and pout and yell and do whatever I want to get my way.  It won’t be my problem if someone else gets hurt, or has to suffer for my actions, or if I influence even more selfishness.   If some doesn’t like it, I will justify my actions.  Like it or not.  What do I care?  I’m running my life.


“Self” goes bad in a hurry!  It’s like a boulder dropped from an airplane, falling faster and scarier every second.  And then, CRASH!  DESTRUCTION to everything and everyone in its path!

But Jesus knows we NEED Him to be our Master.

He’s so good at it.

He leads with kindness.  And with wisdom.  He keeps us out of the danger zone.  No crashing. Only  blessing.

I’m not talking about following a set of rules.   Jesus IS NOT a set of rules.  He’s a person.  Yes, there’s right and wrong.   But, we can find a loophole for any rule!  Remember that poor bummed out defeated guy in Romans 7?  When he was following rules instead of following Jesus, here’s what he said:  “The good that I would, I do not do.  I do the very evil that I don’t want to do!”  He’s trying to follow rules, and that just ends in one word – DEFEAT!

But…. we’ll do ANYTHING for love’s sake….for Jesus’ sake.  No law could FORCE you to be kind to a stranger – or an enemy.   But LOVE can.   Jesus’ Love can.   The Bible says His love compels us. (2 Corinthians 5:14) His love for us, and our love back for Him, “compels” us to love others – to love strangers – to love enemies.  His love compels us to stay close to Him and run from sin.  His “law” of LOVE is written on our hearts, just as Ezekiel promised! (Ezekiel 36)

Ask Him to lead you today.  And tomorrow.  And the next day.  And the day after that.  (You get the idea.)

Surrender each day – each moment to His leadership.  Take a good long look at your schedule.  Ask the Lord to lead you on what He wants you to do each day.   Sunday surely will have worship and studying His Word.  Every day will have time specially devoted to talking with Him and learning from Him.  How can you use your schedule to honor Him?  Avoid living on auto-pilot.  Listen for His leading.  How can you honor Him at your work?   How can you share His love everywhere you go?   How can you reach a life with His love even on your coffee break….or just walking down the hall!  Put Him and His Kingdom first…and His promise is that all the things you need will be added to you.  Plus, it’s a wonderful ride!

Here’s a sample schedule …. Create your own, asking the Lord for His Special Assignments just for you!  It is certainly not intended to be a laundry list of To-Dos.  We have enough of those!  It is intended to help you to focus the time He has given you, and to use it for His business.  Seriously…do this…it will help your life to be effective for His kingdom!

Master Schedule copyOf course, your schedule may look a lot different, based on your particular situation.  The goal is to focus your attention on sharing God’s Love, no matter what your schedule.

QUIETTIME:  Your time alone with the Lord to read His Word and listen for His leading.

WORK-REACH LIVES: Ask the Lord to show you how you can help someone and share His love.

PRAYER GROUP AT WORK:  See for details.

SMALL GROUP:  This is a small group getting together to read & discuss God’s Word.

LOVE AT WORK:  How can God use you at work? See for details.

RELAXING/PLAYTIME:  This is a potential danger zone – ask the Lord is direct you so you don’t stray.

WORK: So much of our time is devoted to work. So let’s look for ways to use it for His glory!

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a daily reminder that we are free from our idol of selfish-centeredness?  To be reminded that I don’t belong to myself, but now I belong to my wonderful Master Jesus and I follow Him?  To live in the victory of His life and love flowing through me, because HE’S in the driver’s seat now?  Well, just so happens, there is!

Let me hear you now!  It’s Reach A Life Today!

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