Connect with God


This has nothing at all to do with being religious.  This is about getting to walk with the Living God.  Everyone needs to know the real Jesus.  If you have been around haters who call themselves Christians, I’m sorry.  Please erase that from your memory.  If you only knew Jesus’ kindness, you would run to him as fast as your legs could carry you.  He doesn’t want to condemn.  We have had plenty of that.  He came to rescue.  He is the Savior.  He saves.  He is the Prince of Peace.  He is the peace for our hearts.  He is the Liberator.  He came to set us free from our sins, from the power of them, the guilt of them, from the destruction they bring to our lives.  He is the Sacrifice to bring us back to God.  He came to bear all that guilt and penalty we deserved, and by his own blood he shed, to draw us near.  No more shame.  No more fear. No more oppression.  Just freedom and joy and peace.  And he is LOVE.   He loves you.  Go to him, call his name, and you will know his love – all-consuming, never-ending, patient, kind, sacrificial, selfless.

The Good News is that you don’t have to jump through a bunch of hoops.  Just call his name.  The Bible says, “Look to him and you will be saved”.  You will be healed.  Surrender.  Be done with your own way.  Stop running.  And you will find in an instant that he’s running toward you with open arms.  He has been waiting.  And now is your time.  Today is your day.  His light will flood into your life and you will never be the same.  Just look to him.  Call his name.  Jesus.

Jesus – I call on your name.  Because you came to rescue me… because you proved your great love for me on that cross, I believe.  I’m tired of running away from you.  Right now, I turn to you.   Please forgive me of my sins.  Blot them out.  Cast them as far as the east is from the west.  Come to dwell in me.  Transform my life.  I thank you that you are willing to rescue even me.  I don’t deserve it.  But I receive it.  I accept it.  I believe it.  Help me from this day forward to keep my eyes on you.   Help me to follow you.  Thank you that you will never leave me or let me go.  In your great name,  Jesus’,  I pray, Amen.