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BTW– one of my favorites is “Heartlight Daily”.  It has a Scripture verse, a short thought about that verse, and a prayer to bring that verse to life in my heart.  Beautiful!
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You would be shocked to know how many of the people who come to our country and speak other languages, have NEVER HEARD THE GOSPEL!!! How can that be?  In this “Information Age”?

Well, we’ve got to get busy – and here’s a great way to do it! has Free Online Devotional Emails in 10 different languages! Plus audio messages, mailouts, and even Twitter! Just click and sign up.

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We can easily sign them up and help them come to know Jesus.  We don’t have to go to a foreign country.  They are coming to us!  Let’s do for them what we would want them to do for us – tell them about God’s great love using awesome FREE resources!



“Jesus Calling”

Jesus Calling

index_image797Must have!  Every day You will hear Jesus calling you closer to His heart.  He will speak His Word right from His heart to yours.  Exactly what we need…to experience Jesus walking with us and talking with us each day.   (I love the Daybrightner flip calendar - because it’s always open.)

“Jesus Calling” and“Jesus Te Llama”excerpts

 “Prayers for Emotional Wholeness”

Prayers Emotional

Beyond wonderful.  Stormie Omartian has taken God’s promises and turned them into prayers.  So we are praying God’s Word back to Him in faith.  Powerful.  If you want to pray fervent prayers, pray the Word.  If you want your friends to enjoy Jesus’ love, give them this flip calendar!

IDEA: You could even give one to the girls at your hair salon for the front desk calendar.   Just think of all the places that could use some joy!   I always see them flipped to today’s page….everybody loves this way to connect with the Lord! “Prayers for Emotional Wholeness” excerpt


“His Princess”

Princess“His Princess” by Sheri Rose Shepherd

You will  hear Jesus’ voice of love clearly to Your heart in this topical devotion book. From “Be My Light in the World Today” to “You are My True Beauty” to “Confess Your Sin to Me”, His loving care and acceptance of you will transform your life.  Excerpt

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