Hip Hop Hope and LeCrae

Reaching Youth with Hip Hop Hope

Check out the music and the message!  Paul said “I have become all things to all people, that I might win some to Christ.”  If Paul was on earth today, I’m sure he’d be all over Hip Hop to reach the youth who are so far from God.  Thank You Lord for leading these to use their rapping skills to reach those You love, right here in Brookshire and all over the world!

Free Ebook copyHope you love these stories  I wrote about ordinary people like us, who received miracles from Jesus!    Imagine yourself as the blind man who received his sight!   And the paralyzed man who was healed!   And even the thief on the cross beside Jesus!  Jesus is the Miracle Man!

The Miracle Man 7-5-14     (PDF)ebook-readers2

The Miracle Man 7-5-14    (Word doc for Kindle)

The Miracle Man 8×11       (Word doc for printing)



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