The Hypocrite

Chapter 4 Haters Gonna Hate

Do you know Nicodemus? I love this guy! I know. I know. I say that about everybody. Nicodemus gives me hope. When I see modern day Pharisees hating on people and judging them, instead of reaching out with the love of Jesus, I remember good ole Saint Nick. If the Lord can change his stony religious heart, he can change anybody’s!

The Bible doesn’t give us lots of detailed information about Nicodemus, or most anyone, for that matter. But let’s take what we do know, and try to fill in some blanks. Let’s put ourselves in Nicodemus’ position as a religious leader 2000 years ago, imagine what he must have gone through, and what caused his story to be recorded in the Bible. Though I don’t know for sure, imagine with me….

Nicodemus was a good little Hebrew boy. He grew up learning everything he was taught, following all the rules. He memorized huge portions of the Torah. Made his family so proud. There were over 613 rules to keep each and every day, and Nicodemus did everything he could to make sure to follow every one. When he had a family of his own, he made sure he and his family kept all those rules too. He had followed the rules for so long, he didn’t even hope there was anything more. He didn’t feel God’s presence in His life, but he didn’t expect to. That’s just the way it was. The way the teachers taught it. The way God ordered it… he thought.

Nicodemus rose in the ranks of the temple; it made his family beam with pride the day he was…

The Miracle Man cover teal copy 2


Hope you love these stories I wrote about ordinary people like us, who received miracles from Jesus! Imagine yourself as the blind man who received his sight! And the paralyzed man who was healed! And even the thief on the cross beside Jesus! Jesus is the Miracle Man!


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