It’s a Miracle!

A few weeks ago, I was pretty sick. And weak. But my fingers could still type!  As I was thinking about the different people who got to meet Jesus “in the flesh”, and my favorite book, “Jesus, the Man Who Loved Women” (excerpt), I was inspired to write a story myself!  So, here it is!  Actually I’ve written 7 of ‘em so far! Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it! Feel free to Share!  I’m working on formatting it as a Free E-Book, so please stay tuned for the rest!

“It’s a Miracle!”

Poor guy.   He’s paralyzed.  Let’s call him Sam.  How did this happen to Sam?  We don’t know.  We don’t know if Sam was born paralyzed, or if he’d had some tragic accident.  But the thought of it, even today, sends shivers up our spine!  And thank God we can feel those shivers!   For your limbs not to respond.  For them to lay motionless day after day.   How awful.  Not to be able to hug your family.  Not to be able to scratch that itch.  Not to be able to take care of yourself.  No end in sight.

It’s tough enough to be disabled in this day and age, with all the modern technology.   My friend, Frank, who has advanced-stage ALS, has the coolest wheelchair with an amazing computer system that he can operate with his tongue.   It’s tougher than tough, but at least Frank has some mobility.  He can communicate, surf the net, maneuver through his house.  But for the man in our story, 2000 years ago, all he had was a pallet.  To lay on that pallet all day, every day, day after day, with no hope of ever getting up again.

And in the quiet of the night, alone with his thoughts… probably Sam’s thoughts plagued him as much or more than his broken body.  “I must be cursed”, he figured.  I have done some really bad things.  This is my punishment.  God is really really angry with me.  I can’t undo what I’ve done.  I can’t take it back.  I can’t take His anger away.  All I can do is suffer under His judgment.  And, as for after I die, I can’t bear to let my mind go there.  If this is His punishment for me in this life, I’m sure I’m in for even worse then.  As bad as paralysis is, to have God against you…. to be forsaken by Him… is even worse.  Poor Sam.

But Sam had friends.

What a blessing.  From just the little bit we learn from this short story making up only eight verses in the Bible, these friends were the kinds of friends that you would love to have.   As we try to imagine ourselves back in the day, I have an idea it went something like this.    I picture Sam’s friends as construction workers.   We know they were pretty strong…  and industrious.   I have a feeling that one day when they were walking home after a long day’s work, they saw a huge crowd and everybody was celebrating.   Jesus was back in Capernaum and He was healing people!  Healing anything and everything!  Anybody and everybody!  One person was shouting, “I can see!  I can see!”  Another was shouting, “I can hear!  I can hear!”  Someone who had leprosy was shouting, “I am healed!”   Wherever Jesus went must have been a wild scene.  Rejoicing and celebrating!   Joy with complete abandon!

So I imagine Sam’s friends looking at each other, and probably without even saying a word, running as fast as they could to go get Sam!  There was no time…  Continue It is a Miracle.

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