Through Jesus’ Eyes

Don’t Miss It!

When you see each person through Jesus’ eyes of love, it changes everything!   The Bible says Jesus went around doing good…and that He was filled with joy above His fellows.  There’s a connection there.  Don’t miss it!   When you actively reach out to everyone you meet with His love, you can’t help but be filled with joy!  Imagine Jesus healing people everywhere He went…   Just imagine the JOY that must have followed Him!  You can heal too – with kindness, with caring….and with Love Leaflets. YOU can make a difference today!

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Watch this video and see miracles!

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1.        Jesus LOVES them and DIED to save them.

2.        People need Jesus.

3.        Everything we learn from God’s Word must cause us to love God and to love others.

4.        We want them with us forever -  our treasures in Heaven.

5.        Jesus said to Go.

6.        We are responsible to tell them.

7.        We need God’s blessing.

8.        We find our lives when we lose them for the sake of Jesus and others.

9.        God will heal our land.

10.      Lives restored brings glory to God.

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