Jesus’ Great Big Heart

White heart copy      JESUS’ GIANT HEART

Want to catch the fire of Jesus’ heart?

… His Awesome,






love for every one of us …for each and every person He met!  He cared deeply about them, personally. specially, uniquely, unconditionally.

Did you catch that?

It wasn’t that He HAD to—it was because THAT IS HIS HEART. He went about doing good—not just impersonal, theoretical good, compared to doing bad.

No, No.

Jesus’ goodness is a very personal goodness. Every day He did good to each one He met by touching their lives with

His life-giving, joy-filling, hope-inspiring, giant heart full of love.

When you catch the vision of what Jesus did, every moment of every day, reaching out to those around Him, loving them and caring for them, and how He continuously pours His loving kindness on you, you will never be the same.

And you will never look at your daily routine the same way again. Every day will become an adventure as Jesus’ life and love flow through you and you reach lives with His Giant Heart!

Jesus the Man Who Loved Women front

Need more motivation to reach out? I love the book, “Jesus, the Man Who Loved Women”.  Click to read  Chapter 2. You can get a copy at  Here are Jesus the Man – Study Questions to help you grow closer to Jesus.

Don’t let the title throw you…

It’s not just about women!

It’s about Jesus’ Great Love!