Love At Work

 Bring Joy to Your Office

The best treat we can bring to work is Jesus’ heart. His genuine love and kindness can brighten any atmosphere.

Be kind to one another, tender-hearted, forgiving one another, even as God in Christ forgave you. Eph.4:32 ● A cheerful heart is good medicine! Prov.17:22 ● Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers a multitude of sins. 1 Peter 4:22 ● Do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men,knowing that from the Lord you will receive the reward. Col. 3:23


Holiday Celebrations

Everyone likes to be treated specially now and then!  I like to set goodies at my co-workers’ workplaces after everyone has left, so it’s a nice surprise in the morning.  Here are some ideas—but let your imagination run wild!

Valentine’s Day - You can get little heart boxes or baggies to load up with candies and “Love Snippets”.

Easter - How about Easter eggs filled with candy and your favorite Scripture, song, or YouTube about Jesus’ resurrection?  Here’s a great Easter “Resurrection” Card. Love it!

Thanksgiving - You can place the “Thankful List” or the “Thanksgiving Leaflet” at each workplace.  Giving thanks is like adrenaline!

Christmas –It’s fun to put a decoration at each workspace… and make a special spot for the Nativity!   Christmas cards are a great way to decorate and to express your appreciation!


  NeSAM_1163w Year’s - I’ve found inspirational calendars for a deal!  And check out the Prayer Flippy. It’s a cross between my two favorite devotionals – and you can make it for pennies!  Here’s How.


Birthday Celebrations

To do this one, you have to be on your toes, and make sure everyone’s birthday is celebrated.  We keep a drawer filled with decorations and Birthday cards, so our co-workers come to their workspaces with a warm welcome on their special day!  Of course, cake and candles—always a hit!

Welcome Celebrations

Is there someone new to the office?  Reach out to them!  It would be great to decorate their desk with “Welcome” decorations!  Invite them to lunch – make sure they feel like a part of the party!

Get Well & Sympathy

Greeting Cards

Be Ready. It will happen.  And your touch of love and compassion will mean more than you know.  Have a box of cards ready, so everyone can send their thoughts and prayers.  And this is a time when we can all stop working and join with our friend in prayer.

 Just Because

Prayers Emotional

I  LOVE the flip calendar (Day Brightener) “Prayers for Emotional Wholeness”.  It sits on my desk and brightens my day every day!  So, when my “happy-money” stash gets filled up, I give one to a co-worker.  Everybody loves them…and flips them every day!


The Power of Treats!


There doesn’t have to be a special occasion for cookies!  Or muffins! Or breakfast tacos!  I think they could go a long way to establishing World Peace!




Start a Prayer Group/Bible Study

●  Start a Prayer Group/Bible Study at work!  It’s easier than you think.   We mostly have had our times together during lunch breaks.  You can simply read  a chapter from the Bible.   Or you could do a special study….maybe on “God in the Workplace” topics.  Keep it encouraging and helpful and optional.  Even if a co-worker doesn’t come, they might ask for prayer.  HR loves it when employees are taking good care of each other!

 Have Love Leaflets Handy

● Just place leaflets on your counter & your tables – wherever they’re handy, with a “FREE-Take One” sign nearby.   Even if you don’t have a store if your own, you could take Love Leaflets to stores that you shop at, and ask the owners if they would like to make them available to their customers!


Get the WORD out!

● You could put inspiring verses on your sacks, your tables, your pizza boxes, your trucks, your invoices, your door, wherever you can reach a life.

 LINK Your Customers to God!

● You could put a link to one of your favorite websites – like or on your website.

 Send Powerful Email Messages!

● You could add an inspirational Scripture on your email signature line, like “This is how we have come to understand and experience love. Christ sacrificed His life for us.  That is why we ought to live sacrificially. “(1st John 3:16).

And you could insert a link to or on your email signature line.