Hi!  My name is Melissa and I live outside Houston, Texas with my husband David, my Mr. Wonderful. We have four beautiful daughters and 2 little dachshunds named Shorty & Buddy.

Back on September 8, 1984, I surrendered my life to Jesus, and I have never looked back.  The joy He has brought to my life I wouldn’t trade for anything.

While I was working in Asset Management, I asked the Lord to work through me as He saw fit.  As I became friends with my co-workers, they would share their hearts and their heartaches with me.  Of course, I can’t solve the problems, but I know the One Who can!  So we would stop and pray, right then and there.   I would tell them God’s promises that I have held on to.

We were able to have a weekly Bible Study/Prayer group to enjoy our relationships with each other and with the Lord!  When needs would arise, and we couldn’t stop our work, one of us would send a prayer email.  So we were lifting each other up in a powerful, meaningful way.  As time went on, I began to save prayers for specific situations – illness, surgery, provision, sorrow, peace, thanksgiving…  as well as Scripture passages for those situations.   And  from our Bible study on “Jesus, the Man Who Loved Women” sprang the Love Leaflets resource, to reach out everywhere we go.

We had special celebrations for holidays, and just because celebrations, using every opportunity to remind each other of the Lord’s great love  and power toward us.    And we would stop and pray when our co-workers lost a loved one.  All in the workplace.  HR loved how we supported each other.

Seeing lives changed has been thrilling, and has spurred me on.  Some who did not believe in God at all, came to believe because of the love we shared.  Others who were angry with God, turned back to Him and are now walking with Him with great joy.  That’s what it’s all about!  How wonderful that the Lord lets us be a part of what He is doing!

In March 2012, 90% of the employees were laid off, so the next prayer was for direction.  So many prayers for new employment were answered, and we were all sprinkled here and there.  Of course, we still have our prayer email group, and growing all the time.  My personal answer to prayer was to make these resources and ideas available online, and to provide training and encouragement using videos on YouTube.  What an amazing day we live in!

So that’s my story…so far.  Stay tuned.  I pray these resources will be used 1000 fold, and be a blessing far and wide.  Be bold.  If  the Lord can use me, He can surely use you too!  The stories I could tell you…which I hope to tell you via over time.. will leave you shaking your head in wonder.  And the joy that you will experience if you live each day shining His light, well there are no words to express that.   Just believe me, following Jesus is worth everything!  He is the pearl of great price!

Follow Him.  And Go Reach a Life Today!

Love, your sister,