Inspirational Movies

TBN – Trinity Broadcasting Network: TBN has put several of their movies for online viewing. (Highly Recommended: Perfect Stranger and Another Perfect Stranger)

YouTube: Find great movies easily at

Bible Movies: Movies taken directly from Scripture -like the Gospel of Matthew and the Gospel of John

Biblical Theme Movies:  Classics like “Les Miserables” and Modern movies like “Unconditional”  Online movie about Jesus – in ANY language, & more.  How cool is that?

Gospel of Matthew Movie – Awesome! -Verse by verse  movie of Jesus, as recorded by Matthew,  portrayed by Bruce Marchiano. (writer of “Jesus, the Man Who Loved Women”)

Gospel of John Movie – You Will Love it!  Verse by verse movie of Jesus, as recorded by John. Rent/Purchase Christian DVDs. – Access to tons of Christian movies


Inspirational movies to source:

Late One Night – (Christian Movie)
Suing the Devil – (Christian Movie)
Amazing Love [Story of Hosea] – (Christian Movie)
Nikolai – (Christian Movie)
The Encounter – (Christian Movie)
The Encounter 2: Paradise Lost – (Christian Movie)
I am Gabriel – (Christian Movie)
Ring the Bell - (Christian Movie)
Courageous – (Christian Movie)
The Fourth Wise Man – (Christian Movie)
Faith like Potatoes – (Christian Movie)
God’s Outlaw [Story of William Tyndale] – (Christian Movie)
Chalk – (Christian Short Film)
WWJD – I : What Would Jesus Do – (Christian Movie)
WWJD - II : The Woodcarver – (Christian Movie)
Final Exit – (Christian Movie)
A Vow to Cherish – (Christian Movie)
Flywheel – (Christian Movie)
The Perfect Gift – (Christian Movie)
The Perfect Stranger – (Christian Movie)
Another Perfect Stranger – (Christian Movie)
Salt {The Stranger} – (Christian Movie)
Walk on Water {The Stranger} – (Christian Movie)
Facing The Giants – (Christian Movie)
Fireproof – (Christian Movie)
Clancy – (Christian Movie)
Letters to God – (Christian Movie)
Road to Emmaus – (Christian Movie)
The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry – (Christian Movie)
Second Glance – (Christian Movie)
Pamela’s Prayer – (Christian Movie)
The Board – (Christian Movie)
Behind The Sun – (Christian Movie)
Pilgrim’s Progress – Journey to Heaven – (Christian Movie)
End of the Harvest – (Christian Movie)
The Appointment – (Christian Movie)
Beyond the next mountain – (Christian Movie)
Bamboo in Winter – (Christian Movie)
End of the Spear (Jim Eliot) – (Christian Movie)
Time Changer – (Christian Movie)
The Last Sin Eater – (Christian Movie)
John Huss (Biography) – (Christian Movie)
Hudson Taylor (Biography) – (Christian Movie)
Martin Luther (Biography) – (Christian Movie)
John Wesley (Biography) – (Christian Movie)
William Carey (Biography) – (Christian Movie)
Amish Grace – (Christian Movie)
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe – (Christian Movie)
Brother Sun, Sister Moon – (Christian Movie)
Peter and Paul – (Christian Movie)
First Fruits – A Moravian Story[Playlist] – (Christian Movie)
Stephen’s Test of Faith – (Christian Movie)
Not a Fan – (Christian Movie)
Standing Firm – (Christian Movie)
Lilies of the Field – (Christian Movie)
The Passion of The Christ – (Christian Movie)
The Prodigal Planet [End Time] – (Christian Movie)
A Thief in the Night [End Time] – (Christian Movie)
The Moment After – (Christian Movie)
The Crossing – (Christian Movie)
Paul The Emissary – (Christian Movie)
Lamp in the Dark – (Christian Documentary)

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