When you pray for those around you, asking the Lord to open opportunities to reach them with His love, you will see MIRACLES!!!

HipHopHopeThe Lord is working miracles right here in Brookshire through Hip Hop Hope!  Youth from all over the community come to hear Hip Hop and the Good News! Please pray for His love and power to transform each life! And come out on Thursday nights at 6:30 to see a miracle for yourself!




Laurie’s Miracle

Ever felt like your world was crumbling around you?  Laurie did.   Some things go haywire because of our bad choices.  Sometimes it’s just built into this fallen world we live in.  And the Lord uses all these things to connect our hearts to His.   That’s just what happened with Laurie.  We talked about what was happening in her world.  We prayed together.  And one day it all hit her like a ton of bricks.  She had lived so many years without being surrendered to the Lord, and she felt horribly ashamed.  She couldn’t get away from that feeling…. until she gave that shame to Jesus.  He wasn’t mad.  She wasn’t in trouble.  He loved her right where she was, just like she was.  And He was going to make her life into something amazing!

So she began her new life with Him right in the middle of it.   No other God’s before Him.  “Jesus Calling”, the wonderful devotional I talk about on and our Facebook page, became her mainstay.  She began to read it daily… multiple times a day, actually.  And her faith began to grow stronger.  Then it began to overflow onto others!  She would tape the daily “Jesus Calling” to her monitor at work, and leave it there as she floated each day from one workstation to another.  Her coworkers discovered who was blessing them with these messages of faith, and gave her hugs.  She has blessed them even more with their own “Jesus Calling” books of their very own! J She has blessed her entire workplace…  and nothing makes her happier!  AMAZING!


Trish’s Miracle

I love to see people grow in their faith.  To move from Doubt to Faith.  To move from Fear to Confidence!  To see families united because of God’s Love.  To share their experience of walking with the Lord as naturally as breathing!  That’s what has happened with Trish.  When we met, she was just starting her walk with the Lord.  And she wanted so badly not to be in trouble.  She had lived on the basis of fear and longtime hurts, for a very long time.  She began to have a daily quiet time with the Lord, reading His Word, talking with Him, and coming to Bible study.  Little by little, she began to trust His love and plan for her, no matter what that plan was.   She began to release those hurts, and love and forgive those who had hurt her.  She began to respond to stressful situations with prayer and faith.  She began to respond to rude behavior with the Lord’s kindness and wisdom.  She began to realize the Lord had a good plan through those situations, and would use her to bless others with His love.    She recently became so big and brave that when there was a family crisis, instead of being fearful, she lead her family in a prayer of faith.  Everyone who meets her can tell there is something different about her, and her family is the most blessed of all!

She is so precious.  Quite a miracle!  What a blessing to enjoy!   I can hardly wait to see what other blessings the Lord has in store for her family and friends, and for everyone she meets!

Kim’s Miracle

Just going with a buddy to get my nails done.  But there is no errand that is JUST an errand.  The Lord has bigger plans.   As Karen and I were visiting together, we visited with Kim.  Kim has a nail shop.  Even though she is Vietnamese, she speaks great English.  (Much better than my Vietnamese! LOL!)   She shared how she had gone through a divorce, and how lonely the nail shop got sometimes.  Of course, we told her of the Lord’s love and forgiveness for her, and how He promised to never leave us or forsake us.  That sounded good to her.  Before we could ask, Kim said she’d like to go to church with us sometime.  Not only has she been going to church and learning of the Lord there, we now have our ladies’ small group right in her shop!   She loves to listen as we all give testimony to what the Lord is doing in our lives, and she’s getting more business too!  She just joined yet another small group of ladies studying the book of Matthew.  What a miracle!  And, no doubt, there are even more miracles to come!

 Kimberly’s Miracle

Kimberly has multiple sclerosis.   And she was just recently divorced.   She has two precious children, and she’s got some bills.    Sounds like rich soil in which to grow her faith!   One day we talked…for three hours.  And she was on her way.  But faith is not easy.   That’s why they call it faith.   Otherwise it would be called sight.   Kimberly’s problems haven’t changed overnight.  One stressful day, she called it quits.  No more church.  No more Bible study.  Forget it.   I asked her if she wanted to go have coffee.   She only asked me to take her name off the ladies’ group messages.  I asked her again….  How `bout coffee?   Ok.  Ok.

We had a great talk.  She hadn’t thought the Lord heard her prayers, but after talking just a little while we saw how He had answered 5 prayers!   She just didn’t recognize it!   She was too busy looking at what had NOT been answered yet.   Now she realized He really was looking out for her and loved her.

And, of course, I read to her that day’s “Jesus Calling” devotional.   It was right on the mark.   She promised to read it every day, so the next day she texted me that it fit her to a T!  And the next day, and the next…  There will likely be bumps along the way, but she is learning to trust the Lord and follow Him closely.  What a miracle!

Joe’s Miracle

I didn’t find out about Joe having mouth cancer until Thanksgiving.  Immediately, my prayer group began to ask the Lord to help Joe and his family in a huge way and to pour His blessings on them.  If you don’t have a prayer group, you’re missing out…the Lord heard us answered prayer in so many ways.  So many times we think we have to “fix” our problems, and be “strong”.  But the Lord is teaching us through our trials to look to Him.

He is our Healer. 

He is our Deliverer.  

He is our Strength.

I tell you today – Joe is Healed.  Joe is Delivered. 

He’s probably laughing at us as we keep trying to fix our own problems. 

Through his suffering, Joe learned better.

Whatever was needed, I encouraged Joe and Sylvia to call upon the Lord.  He would make a way.  He would open a door.  He would give them peace.  He would relieve Joe from the pain.   Now, if you’ve ever worked out, you know that making your muscles strong can be painful.  No pain – no gain.  It’s just like faith muscles – we have to make those muscles strong….we have to exercise our faith.  Now Joe was going to the Olympics – whether his faith muscles were ready or not.   Ever felt that way?

Our prayers were answered – The hospital took Joe in and gave him the treatment he needed – that mouth cancer was rough.  But after three treatments, Joe’s mouth was all clear.  Joe could eat and drink and breathe!  The pain was relieved.

You know, sometimes we think of Jesus as far away – up in Heaven – doing something important….more important than worrying about little ole me.  But that’s not true —He’s with us – He never leaves us – He is as close as our breath.   I told Joe to just imagine Jesus right on the edge of his bed.  Joe laughed when I told him Psalm 121 – “The Lord doesn’t slumber or sleep – He will keep guard over you”.  I told Joe to go on and sleep – because the Lord never does!  He is on watch.

Joe especially liked the story of Peter walking on the water- remember that one? It was a stormy night – Peter and the others were in the boat – then they saw someone coming toward them – it was Jesus walking on the water!  Wow!  Joe thought that was great!  Peter was like a little kid- he wanted to walk on the water too!  So Jesus said, “Come on!”  If you remember the story, Peter was walking just fine on the water, so long as he kept his eyes on Jesus.    But then he looked at the waves – He looked at the impossibility of what he was doing – I can’t walk on water!

And he started to sink.    He called out to Jesus, and immediately Jesus was there and scooped him up and put Peter in the boat.  Joe got it – eyes on Jesus- I can walk on water.  Jesus will be with me- He will keep me safe.

It was so tough getting into the hospital, Joe was really worried about leaving, and not getting the treatment he needed again.   It’s so easy to put our trust in what we see – but I reminded them to look to Jesus.  That nothing would happen outside Jesus’ loving control.  And whether we live or whether we go on, Jesus will be right there too.  I told him, I don’t know if I’ll make it home today, but I’m ready whenever the Lord calls me home.  That’s His business and I trust Him.  Trust takes practice.  Surrender to Jesus’ plan for us takes exercising our faith muscles.  But the benefit is peace.

As you know, Joe got to come home for Christmas.   He was doing pretty well, preparing for more treatments.   But he went back to the hospital when his vitals went haywire.  Turns out the cancer had entered his spine and there were no treatments that would help.  

When Joe found out he was going home with hospice, I was concerned that he would be flooded with fear.  But when I went to see him, the first thing he did was cup his hand, and tell me he was safe in Jesus’ hand.  Wow.  His faith muscles had gotten like an Olympian! 

This visit I told Joe and Sylvia more about the joys of heaven.  Eye has not seen – ear has not heard, all that the Father has prepared for those who love Him.   I told them that Paul went there and said there were not words to describe it, it is so beautiful.  I told him that when he gets to the pearly gates, to not bring up what he did or didn’t do, but that Jesus paid it all on the cross.  And I told them about the book Heaven is For Real, and how the little boy tells how the first person you see is Jesus!   And nobody wears glasses, or gets sick, no pain, no sorrow – and that I was jealous of him!  He laughed and shook his head in amazement. 

This is grace.  None of us deserve God’s grace.  That’s why it’s grace.  Complete forgiveness.  Complete acceptance.  Complete love.  All we do is surrender.

Again the Lord answered our prayers – everything Joe needed was taken care of – Sylvia had time off work to take care of him (and what a beautiful example of love she has been.  I pray when my time comes the Lord will provide me a Sylvia!)  From the medicine to the caregivers to the bed – the Lord took care of it all.

When the hospice chaplain came to see Joe at home, he asked Joe if he knew God.  Joe said yes. And then he asked Joe if he knew where God was…Joe said “right here”.   How do you know that?  Joe said….”Because He has me in His hand.”  Isn’t that the most beautiful thing you can imagine?   The chaplain was amazed…that is not the usual answer he gets.  And he told Joe, that when the time would come, Jesus would wrap His hands around Joe and take him safely home.

Last Friday, I texted Sylvia to see how Joe was doing.  She said all of a sudden he wouldn’t respond or eat.  The nurse went over and said though she had thought Joe had a week or so, it wouldn’t be long.  When I saw Joe, I called his name and he roused a bit – When I told him Jesus was right there and it wouldn’t be long, he nodded confidently and fell back asleep.  He had no fear – he was confident that he would see Jesus soon and be all well.  Little did I know that within an hour after I left, Joe passed – it’s never easy, but he was at peace.  And when he opened his eyes, the first person he saw was Jesus.

This service is for Joe – but it’s also for us.  What’s God’s lesson for us?  Let’s exercise our faith muscles.  Let’s surrender every part of our lives to Jesus.  If we are not at peace, let’s tell Him, and give it to Him.  He is the only One worthy to give our lives to.  He is the only One who can truly deliver us.  He is the only One who will be with us in this life, and will carry us to the next.  He knows our every thought.  He knows our every need.  Might as well be honest with Him since He knows it all anyway. Joe learned there is nothing to fear when we’re safe in Jesus’ hands.  Let’s learn that lesson too.

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Carmen’s Miracle

I worked with a young woman who was hurting and angry.  She had lost 3 dear friends and family members in a very short span.  And she was angry.  Angry with God.  Years before, she had tried to read the Bible, but had given up somewhere around Leviticus.  (What did I say about not beginning in the beginning?)  Anyway she had few promises to hold on to when the tough times came, and she resorted to bitterness and anger.

When one of our co-workers died suddenly, I reached out to her.   She needed hope, but the pain was so intense.   I reached out again a few weeks later with an Easter egg. (see the @Work page)  And I felt lead to give her the book, “Jesus, the Man Who Loved Women”.  She read it cover to cover almost overnight.  The next time I saw her, she was so excited about Jesus’ love that she could hardly contain herself!  She wanted to know more – more – more about Jesus!  Everything He did.  Everything He said.  All about His amazing, never-ending, unconditional love!  I gave her every book I had, and she gobbled them up like she had been starving for years.

She now has peace and joy that amazes everyone who knows her.  She’s now so sorry for doubting God’s love and wisdom, and for being angry with Him.  She’s strong in the Word of God and in faith, and ready for whatever comes, because she trusts the One who holds the future.  She and her husband are going to church together, and are happier than ever!   Thank You Lord for another miracle!

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Donna’s Miracle

Donna and I worked together at a company where we had a Bible Study/Prayer Group.  A mutual friend invited Donna to attend.  I don’t believe Donna had ever been in a Bible study before.  We had a wonderful time together learning and laughing.   We were studying what Jesus did and said – Jesus with the woman at the well,  Jesus and the woman they were trying to stone,  Jesus and the woman with the woman who wept at Jesus feet.   Donna always said how much she enjoyed the study, but she didn’t elaborate.  I do remember one day, I played the song “Alabaster Box” by CeCe Wynans and Donna was especially moved.   We enjoyed our Bible Study/Prayer times together so much.  But one day, Donna found a different job, and she left.  Sadly, we lost contact.

But as the Lord would have it, one day I was in a department store in the giant city of Houston, and who did I run into?  Donna!  Hurray!   It had been about a year or so since I had seen her, and by now Donna was growing in her faith by leaps and bounds!  She told me that it was at our little Bible Study/Prayer Group where she first came to know Jesus.   What a  thrill and an answer to prayer!  The seeds that were planted had taken root and she’s becoming a mighty oak!   Of course,  we made sure we wouldn’t lose contact again!  We’ll be friends FOREVER!!!

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Debra’s Miracle

I started a new job and soon became friends with Debra.  She would visit with me and trusted me to tell me some things that were going on in her life.  Some tough stuff.  I would listen.  I would give her encouragement and wisdom from God’s Word.  I would give her a hug.  I would tell her that I couldn’t solve the problems, but Jesus could.    And we would pray.   After about a year, Debra told me that when we first started to pray together, that she didn’t even believe God existed, but she believed that I believed, and that was good enough for her.

She began asking more and more questions about God.  And then she went to church with us.  She LOVED it!  It was the first time she had been in church in about 40+ years!  The problems haven’t gone away, but she’s learning to trust Jesus every day. Whenever she learns something new from God’s Word, she believes it humbly, and makes changes.  Now her grandson believes.  And her daughter believes too.  Wow!

One day, I walked in the door at work to Debra exclaiming, “I’ve got to tell you what the Lord is doing in my life!”  Wow!  No wonder I’m so excited about Reaching A Life Today!  I get to see miracles all the time!  Thank You Jesus!

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Nina’s & Tony’s Family’s Miracle

If you ever come to Houston and need a great manicure, Nina is the one to see.  She’s amazing.  And she’s such a sweetheart.  I could tell that the first day she helped me with my nails.  I was sitting there, reading my Bible on my Smart Phone YouVersion App, and wishing I had some way to share what I was reading with this sweet lady.  It dawned on me that I could!   Silly me!  Just change the language to Vietnamese, and we have an instant translator!   I made a few clicks, and then I handed Nina my phone.  She took my phone and began scrolling through the precious words on the page.   She kept reading and reading, as if these were the most beautiful words she had ever read.  I think this was her very first time to ever read God’s Word!

We became fast friends, best we could, since I didn’t know a word of Vietnamese, and she knows just a little English.  But love is the international language.  She knew that I cared about her.  She taught me the word “Ban” which means friend.   (It sound like a sheep sound, which is one of my specialties.) :)  And the words “thuong” and “yeu”, which mean “love you”.   What great words to start with!

I linked up with a local Vietnamese church and was able to give Nina a Vietnamese Bible and a Love Leaflet.   I showed her verses that she was created by God and He loved her very much.  And verses showing that Jesus died for her sins and rose again.   We called resurrection “no die”, for lack of a better translation. My Vietnamese Christian friend talked with her on the phone and said she understood what I had been trying to tell her, and that she believed!  What a thrill!  She’d come all the way around the world and the Lord had given me the opportunity to lead her to Him!   A few problems: her husband and other family members where not read,.   and she works every day except Tuesday, from 9:30-9:30.  So going to church is not easy.   We prayed and loved and hoped and waited.

After about a year of visiting with Nina about every three weeks, I told her about my aunt who was dying of cancer.  She was so so sad to hear about it.   I told her that it would be okay because Blanche believed in Jesus, and soon she would see Him face to face and she wouldn’t have cancer anymore.  She would be completely well in Heaven!  Well, Nina got so excited when she heard that, that she waved her arms and accidentally flung the table lamp flying across the room!  I figured she understood the wonderful words I was telling her!  She said she wanted to talk about with our Vietnamese Christian friend and understand even more clearly.

After that, I believe Nina prayed more fervently for her husband and family members.  Fast forward about one more year, and we’re coming upon Easter.  I told Nina that the Easter celebration was coming up, and wondering if she would be able to go to church.  She wanted to so much.  She asked me to text her husband, Tony, and tell him about it.  To our joy, he said he wanted to meet with the Vietnamese pastor about coming to know Jesus too!!!    Despite the potential of personal negative consequences, Tony believed and was ready to make sure his entire family came to believe also!

So one wonderful day, I arrived with my Vietnamese Christian friends and had an opportunity to tell Nina and Tony’s daughter the Good News.  She had NEVER heard it before!  Never!  That astounds me.  And jolts me into action!    Soon Nina and Tony arrived, and though I didn’t understand a word that was said, I understood that they wanted Jesus to be their Lord and Savior!   We left Tony with a prayer to lead his family to believe and receive too!   What a day!    I had planted and watered that seed for three years – now I get to reap FOREVER!    I hope you’re getting as excited as I am about going to Reach a Life Today!

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Bret’s and Kathy’s Family’s Miracle

One day a friend asked me to come to pray with her mother-in-law who was in the hospital about an hour from my home.   When I met my friend, she was talking with a man in the hospital parking lot.   I figured he was a member of her family.  But it was actually Bret, a man who had just found out that there were no other treatments they could give to his wife Kathy.  He began telling us what had happened, and asking for prayer.  He had no idea that I have a prayer website.  Coincidence?   I realized Bret was a very special person, and that something very special was happening here.  God was at work, doing something extraordinary.  I found out later that when Kathy got sick, a co-worker had given Bret a worship CD that Bret listened to daily.  The Word of God in this beautiful music infused Bret with a supernatural strength, so that he could help Kathy.  Another coincidence?     How God answered prayer with His incredible strength and miracles is what Bret calls the Miracle Train.  I’m going to tell you the miracles that happened in answer to your prayers.  God heard you.  He answered – BIG.   Bret and Kathy became keenly aware that miracles were happening around them….and that God was giving them strength far beyond what they could muster on their own.

As Bret began to talk about his beautiful wife, I realized Kathy was a very special person.   That she was dearly loved by a lot of people.  My heart went out to Bret and Kathy, and to all who knew her, knowing how painful this was.  You all know that Bret’s love for Kathy is so beautiful – selfless, sacrificial, unstoppable….like God’s love.  When it’s my time to pass, I pray there is someone like Bret looking out for me.    Bret told me how he had fought desperately to have a special blessing service just for Kathy, right up at the hospital.  Though she had never experienced this before, because of her trust in Bret, she received the blessing.   Because of Bret’s faith, she believed too.

That day Bret and I met, I gave him one of the Bible promises books and few other things that I keep handy.  We prayed for the Lord to do something really big through this.  And to pour out His love and shine His light on them, and all of the family.  After that, I was on my way.  Actually when I turned my phone back on, I listened to my husband’s voicemail, which said my brother had a very bad fall, and they were at the hospital.  You just never know.  This broken world is a dangerous place.  

But Kathy and Bret were on my heart and I felt the Lord leading me to re-connect with them, in case I could help somehow.  I was able to contact Bret, miraculously.  I got to meet Kathy just after she went to hospice care.  I was immediately impressed by her courage in the face of such a difficult situation.  No fear.  No anger.  No pouting.  Not even disappointment.  Just peace and contentment.  Miracle.

I had brought this little book with me.   It’s called “Heaven is for Real”.  It’s a true story about a 4 year old little boy name Colton Burpo who had severe appendicitis, and died on the operating table. But they were able to bring him back.  Some time later, when the family was driving by the hospital, the dad said “Hey son, that’s where you were so sick.”  Little Colton’s response was, “Yeah Dad, that’s where the angels sang to me.” “What?”, his Dad said.  “I was sitting on Jesus’ lap, and He didn’t want me to be scared, so he had the angels sing for me.”  He spoke as if Heaven & Jesus & angels are just as real as going to McDonalds!   And I told Kathy and Becky and Bret how little Colton saw his granddad, but he looked like he did when he was young, and he didn’t have glasses.   And we laughed and shook our heads.  And about Colton telling how he saw his sister in Heaven, the one he didn’t even know he had, who had miscarried.   And I told them about the picture of Jesus that was drawn based on another little girl’s details, who had a similar death experience.    Colton said, “Yep, that’s Jesus.”    Becky showed Kathy the picture of Jesus  -  His kind eyes.   And how little 4 year old Colton told an old man who was dying, “Don’t be afraid, the first person you’ll see is Jesus!”   This remarkable book has comforted millions, and has helped us to look forward to a place that is VERY REAL.  And to imagine those we love in a place that is real and wonderful beyond description!

From what I have been told, through all the cancer treatments and the suffering, something happened in Kathy’s heart that caused her to look up.  To see eternal things….what really matters.  She knew that as much as her family and friends loved her, she would be making this trip without them.  She realized that there would be only one Person who would be waiting for her when she opened her eyes. 

Kathy’s dear friend Becky…. I wish we all had a friend like Becky.  This woman is really something.  She sticks with you through thick and thin.  Through every chemo treatment.  The good, the bad, and the ugly.  And, when she realized that Kathy would not win this battle against cancer on this earth, Becky found out what her friend needed to do to be safe and healthy and whole on the other side.  She found out, to her joyous surprise, that you don’t have to go to a particular place – you don’t have to go to a particular minister – to receive forgiveness, all you have to do is go directly to Jesus and ask Him.  It really is that simple.   Kathy was as surprised as Becky to hear this Good News.    So that very day, Kathy prayed for herself for the first time.  She turned to Jesus in faith.   She believed.  Simple.  Life-changing.  His love and free forgiveness seem too good to be true.  But that’s grace.  It’s not about what we have done or not done.  It’s about simply looking to Jesus who took the penalty we all deserved, and putting our trust in Him. 

And what Kathy found was that Jesus had been waiting for her with open arms.  He had been right there beside her all along.   He wasn’t mad.   He didn’t want to fuss at her about what she had done or hadn’t done.  He just wrapped her in His loving arms.  She began to experience a love that is bigger than cancer.  A peace came over her that is beyond understanding.  That even though she wouldn’t beat the cancer, she would be safe forever.  2nd Corinthians 4:7 in the Bible says “Though our body fails, our spirit is growing stronger day by day.”  Each day her body grew weaker, her spirit grew stronger.  I never saw fear in Kathy’s eyes.  She sometimes had pain, but she was patiently waiting on Jesus’ timing to take her home.  And when she opened her eyes, the first face she saw was Jesus!  He was right there waiting with open arms.  No more cancer.  No more pain.  And she’s waiting for us to get there.  Heaven is for real.  And Kathy is there.   

This is not just wishful thinking.  We know someone who died and come back to life.  Jesus.  There is no better authenticated fact in all of history.  So we know He has power over death.  Though Kathy is being missed, remember, Jesus removed the real sting of death.  We know that because of what Jesus did, we will see her again.  It might be 20 years, or 40, or today. 

I have a video on my website about a Rear View Mirror.  What God encourages us to do, is to fast forward our lives into eternity, and from that perspective, to determine what really matters.  This life is such a breath.  Goes so quickly.  If we set our hearts on temporal things we will certainly be disappointed.  Even if we live for 100 years, that is just a “snap” in comparison with eternity!  From there the only thing that will matter is the light we have shined for Him, and that we and those we love are safe in our Heavenly home.  Think of that whenever you look at your rear view mirror.  When Jesus and I look back on my life, I want Him to say “Well done, my good and faithful servant”.

We’ve all seen it – the light that has been shining through Bret and Kathy.   They opened their hearts to Him and His plan.  Bret will tell you he’s a changed man because of what God has done through this.  God gave them a very special task.  To shine His light in a very dark situation.  Don’t mistake it.  This is God’s strength working through them, not their own.  True Grit” would have fizzled out long ago.  So what is our lesson here?  To look for the Miracle Train.  To look to God for what He is doing in our lives, with our lives, and to get on that Miracle Train.  For each of us to run the specific race that He marked out for each one of us.  To recognize that He has a loving purpose behind it all, and to trust Him.  And He gives us peace and joy and strength right in the middle of it.  He gives us kudos now.  And when we see Him face to face He will be so proud. 

We can all be a part of what the Lord is doing and see His miracles all around us.   All we do is get on the train.  Kathy jumped on. And Bret and her good friends, Becky and Tammy.  Now Bret’s brother is starting to believe. If we shared all the amazing things the Lord does in our lives every day, we’d be here from now on.   Riding the Miracle Train truly is an amazing adventure.

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Bella’s Miracle

A close friend told me about her close friend, Bella, who was having a really tough time.  I prayed for Bella and one day got to meet her.  I just chit-chatted and was on my way.  But, then I felt the tug on my heart to give her something to encourage her heart… to help her know Jesus was reaching out to her.  So I turned the car around.  “Don’t quench the tug on your heart”.  My friend finally relented and allowed me to give the encouragement to Bella.  Bella actually appreciated it very much, and the prayers and concern.   We were not able to talk at length that day, but I told her to let me know if there was every anything I could do for her. 

A few weeks later, Bella sent me a message that she really appreciated what I gave her. I responded to please let me know if I could help. A few weeks more, and she sent the same message.  My response was the same.  This time, she asked if we could get together for prayer.  Of course!  We ended up getting together with other friends, and there was not a time when we could talk privately.  I did get to leave a Bible, and a devotional with her, and we prayed.  But I still didn’t really know what was bothering her so much.

Just a few days later, she called and asked if we could talk.  Of course!  So this time, she poured out her heart to me.   She told me how she was riddled with guilt and could not get any peace.  She couldn’t undo what she had done and she was at a loss as to what to do.  Well, of course, Jesus is the answer.  I told her of His wonderful love for her.  That He didn’t come to condemn, but to save.  That He knows what she had done, and that He is waiting with open arms to forgive her and to help her to walk in a new life with Him.   After about an hour of tears, she was finally convinced that Jesus would forgive her.  And whenever she was afraid, she could call upon the Lord and He would forgive her, cleanse her, and give her peace.   Ahhhh…. She could finally rest.  We met at church and she almost ran forward to joyfully make her public profession of faith in Jesus and she was on her way to a brand new life!

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Amanda’s Miracle

I just love to see answers to prayer.  Sometimes we get to see the answers.  Sometimes we have to wait til heaven.  Remember the Joe miracle?  Well, we prayed that many would come to know Jesus through this tragedy, and through the words spoken at Joe’s memorial.  We had a wonderful response…so many wanting to take copies of the printout of how Joe received forgiveness from the Lord, and walked with him by faith and hope.  But, were there any lives truly changed?  We didn’t know.  Until one day….

My exercise class schedule changed.   Bummer.  Now what?  I couldn’t work around the new schedule… and I was aggravated that they would change it so willy nilly.  But…I also had an inkling that the Lord was doing something to move me, for His own reasons.   Well, Joe’s wife, Sylvia told me about an exercise class 5 minutes from my house!  Cool!  About 2 weeks after I started going there (and trust me, I am one sweaty mess when I work out… hardly recognizable from when I’m all cleaned up!)….anyway, I was chatting with one of the ladies.    And all of a sudden she looked at me and said, “Are you the one who spoke at Joe’s memorial service?”   I said, “Yes, Joe was our buddy…and what happened was so amazing…”    She,  Amanda, told me that what I had said that day got her to thinking… a lot.   And off we went to our exercise class.

What was she thinking about?  I just had to hear her story!    So after class, I told her I had a “Jesus Calling’ for her, and this is what she told me.  “We had not been going to church, because my husband and I were from different denominations.  But after I heard what you said, I went straight home and told him none of that mattered.  The only thing that mattered was that we all start following the Lord, and go to church.”  And that’s exactly what they’ve been doing ever since.  They’re are learning and growing like weeds!  And Amanda’s mom was seriously depressed, so much so that she hardly got out of bed!   But Amanda told her that they had to put all their troubles in the Lord’s hands, and trust in Him!  Guess what?  She took Amanda’s advice, and she’s following Jesus too, she’s in church, and she’s in Zumba too!!!

Look what the Lord does when we ask?   “His arm is not shortened that He cannot save.”  “He is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think!!!”  Be bold!

Update:  Amanda’s something else!  She shared what she’s been learning about walking with Jesus with her brother.  He’s in prison and has been very bitter.   He didn’t respond at first, but Amanda was persistent, and he knew what she told him was the truth.  Now he’s going to church in prison!  He’s going to be the Lord’s free man!  Thank You Lord!  And Amanda hasn’t stopped there!  She has been bringing her friends to Bible study, and has been sharing God’s love with her co-workers!  Way to go Amanda!

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Laura’s Miracle

A good friend’s daughter has had serious problems … she’s been AWOL and finally she came home.  We’ve been praying for her forever.  So last night was the night.  She was home.  And the Lord turned my car around and pointed it in the direction of her house.  As we prayed, the Lord showed up….BIGTIME!!!   

I told her we all loved her and we were praying for her. That really touched her heart. Her heart was ready, by the Holy Spirit. I read to her parts of Chapter 6 – from the wonderful book, “Jesus the Man Who Loved Women”.  That’s the part where Mary Magdelene met Jesus, and her life was transformed!  As I read, Laura wept and wept and cried like a baby.  It was one of those amazing times when you know you aren’t speaking…but the Holy Spirit is speaking through you.  No doubt she was receiving His unconditional love and her days of running from Him were over.  After I read Jesus’ love letter at the end of the chapter, I asked her if she wanted Jesus to come into her heart and take over. She said yes and then she prayed after me, to receive Jesus as her Lord and Savior….best she could through her sobs.  It was beautiful.  She received His perfect unconditional love and acceptance, and now she’s on her way, like a newborn baby. 

She’s got our “Jesus, the Man Who Loved Women” book, “Jesus Calling”, and a marked up New Testament.   She’ll have some tough times. There are a lotta changes to be made. But the Lord is faithful, and it is so exciting to see these newborns taking wing and flying!  It’s been a few days and she’s very excited about her new life with Jesus! When I get to experience the transforming power of Jesus’ love in someone’s life, the things of this earth grow strangely dim, like the old hymn says.  What a night!  Thank You Jesus for letting us be a part of Your miracles!  Let’s Go Reach A Life Today!  Keep praying and seeing God answer!


Jennifer C’s Miracle

This is so cool.  When one person’s life is transformed by the love of Christ, seems like everybody wants to join in!  Love it!  Remember Joe?  Well, Jennifer is Joe’s niece. She had felt far away from God. Like a cloud was hovering over her.  And all the roads she went down were dead-ends.
But she heard the hope-filled truth of how the Lord entered Joe’s life.  And how He had entered Amanda’s life, one of her closest friends.
One day, by coincidence (HA! God is the orchestrator of everything), Jennifer and I were in the Post Office at the same time.  She heard me talking, and asked if I was the one who talked with Joe before he passed.  She told me that because of that, she had surrendered her life to the Lord. And so the Lord’s transformation begins….and extends to every life Jennifer touches.
Jennifer is now coming to one of our small groups and learning how to follow Him better every day.  And she’s a living, walking, breathing miracle of His grace.
Thank You, Lord!


Jennifer W’s Miracle

If you have shared the love of Jesus with a friend, and then have lost contact, you’re going to LOVE this miracle!  When I was in middle school, I had a friend named Jennifer.   She and I had band class together, but we weren’t able to get together much besides that.  To be frank, middle school was eons ago, so I don’t recall our exact conversation about Jesus.  But I invited her to church with me, and the Lord worked His miracle!  I just didn’t know it at the time!

The next school year, we went to different schools, and we lost touch.   This was way before Facebook!  But, now, more years later than I want to admit, I got a friend request from Jennifer Gladdish.  I didn’t know a Jennifer Gladdish, so I figured she had the wrong Melissa Woods.   (There are lots of those!)  One day it dawned on me… that’s my friend from middle school!!!!    So I immediately accepted the friend request and here’s what she sent me.

I have looked for you for years on Facebook. My Mom finally remembered to ask your sister Debbie at church where you were and your married name. I have wanted for years to tell you how often you are still a huge part of my life and probably don’t even know it. I am always sharing in my testimony how my friend Missy in 8th grade invited me to church. So after all these years I finally get to thank you. I am sure God has blessed you and your family through the years as he has mine.”

Well, how do you like that?  That’s ultra-cool.  And I didn’t have to wait until Heaven to find out!   So, keep praying and keep reaching and we will keep seeing miracles of God’s AMAZING Grace!!!

Lette’s Miracle

A wonderful friend joined one of my small groups.  She recently sent me this:

“I really want thank you for the awesome gift of the book “Jesus, Man Who Loved Women”.  It is so touching!  Wow, the story “More Than All The Others” where Jesus said, “I Love You, Precious Woman, I Love You” was so powerful!  I cried happy tears… I woke in the night to “I Love You, my daughter, I Love You, I Love You”.   That was the turning point in my life.   I started to love myself again as I did as a child.   It was like a flicker of a light started shining inside me.   Then I started loving God again, and the light got brighter.  Then I felt like a light was bursting out inside of me with love for all mankind!
Thank you!!!”

Mona’s Miracle

Losing loved ones is heart-breaking.  Mona’s family has experienced far too much loss.  And they always ask me to be with their family to help them through.  I guess they’ve kinda adopted me into their family. :)  After a recent loss, Mona started coming to one of our small groups.  She was surprised at how much fun it was!  And how much she was learning about Jesus!   His Word has come alive to her and she has started listening to the Bible App on her phone.  It is such a thrill to see her getting excited about coming to know Jesus more and more every day!  And she now feels better able to help those she loves, and to pray for them.

She shared with me that before she came to small group, she was under the constant fear of death, but not any more!   Isn’t that wonderful?!  Funny, we haven’t even focused on eternity in our studies.  But God’s Word shines so brightly, it dispels the darkness!  His love is so great, it casts out all fear!  We are seeing the Lord do mighty things, and this is only the beginning!