The Nativity Story


The Nativity Story  and  El Nacimiento

WOW!  I love this movie!
Very young, precious Mary, as she accepts this daunting task….and then has to tell her mother!   How the Lord confirmed Mary’s faith through Elizabeth and the miraculous birth of John (the Baptist)….  How difficult this all was for Joseph, and how he led his wife on the dangerous journey to Bethlehem…  How the wise men followed the one-time astrological event of Jupiter, Regulus, and Venus converging over Bethlehem to create the brightest star ever seen. (yes, the depiction is a bit theatrical…but way cool.)   And you will see the moment our Lord Jesus was born!  Beautiful!  Nothing tops the birth of a child…especially this Child!
And you will see how Jesus was worshipped by kings and by lowly shepherds, surrounded by sheep and cattle making barnyard noises…Amazing!  And how Herod unsuccessfully attempts to put a stop to this newborn King… and how the young family escapes to Egypt.
You just MUST see this movie…  and share it with your friends and family.  Immanuel – God With Us.  God put on human flesh, and came to dwell with us.  The Bible says “It is all so wonderful that even the angels are eagerly watching these things happen.” (1 Peter 1:12)   Angels are in awe….and so are we.

The Nativity Story • O Holy Night • Josh Groban [HD]

The Star of Bethlehem

Do you know about the Star of Bethlehem?  This video explains how the stars converged to make the brightest star ever seen…signifying the birth of the King of Kings – JESUS!
(start at 43:30 if you’re short on time.)


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