Look in Your Rear View Mirror

Fast Forward 100 years… look back at your life.  What mattered?  This video was created to help us focus on the stuff that lasts forever.  People.  Lives changed…for eternity.  And God has said we can be a part of that. Wow.

I’d like to share with you ideas and resources I have created to reach others with the love of Jesus.  A while back I read a book, which I’ll talk in more detail about on another video, that helped me to see Jesus’ heart in a dynamic and bold way.   I think I had thought of Jesus simply completing a laundry list of To-Do’s for His Father, checking them off the list.  But my focus now is how deeply He cared for each person He met.

He knew and loved each one intimately, and He reached out to meet their need.  He loved sacrificially long before He went to the cross, and He is calling us to love like He loves.  We enjoy such amazing love from Him.  Such acceptance.  Such forgiveness.  Such care.  Such kindness and patience.  For those of us who have received such amazing love, He is calling us to follow His footsteps.  He is calling us to communicate His heart.  He is calling us out of our comfort zone, to love boldly for Him.

But how?  That is what this series of videos is all about.  I asked the Lord to show me how I could impact those around me with His love.  And He answered.  He keeps answering, and I have enjoyed blessings beyond what I can express.  I am seeing so many come to know Jesus.   We are to love them to Jesus.  We are to show them what walking with Jesus is all about.  Not coerce, not manipulate, not control – love. Some people we will get to see come to Jesus after years of reaching out to them.  Others we might just plant a seed and not get to see the results on this earth.  We are to plant and to water – the Lord will do His work.  We pray that many lives will be transformed to walk in this wonderful new life.  He is faithful and He answers.  And what a joy it is to partner with Him!  It makes every day an adventure!

First, let’s pray to have His heart for those around us.  Lord, give us eyes to see them through Your eyes of love.   As Jesus said, the fields are ripe to harvest – people are ready – starving for true love – Jesus’ love.  See each person as a life that Jesus came to rescue.  A person who is not whole until united with the God who made them.  A person who needs a word of encouragement from Him.  Some – many that we meet every day are struggling – some even in despair – and we have the answer.  We have hope for them. Our part is to be sensitive to those where He is tilling up the soil through their suffering, making their hearts ready for Him.  How we need the power of the Holy Spirit empowering us to reach those around us, just as Jesus promised us in Acts 1:8.

On the next video, I’ll go into more detail about the many ways we can reach out.   I’ll show you how ordinary errands become amazing adventures!  How you can use technology to help strangers you meet hear from God.  How you can reach someone who doesn’t even speak your language.  How you can start an email prayer/encouragement group.  How you can use your business to get the good news out.

All of these resources are FREE.   These ideas are intended to be used as the Lord leads you.  And the Lord might lead you to do something completely different, just leap-frogging from these ideas.  The main goal is to GO.  To GO boldly.  To fulfill your calling, by fulfilling His mission.   We can do this.  With His Spirit guiding us, we can testify to His love.  Check out all the resources on  And stay tuned for the next video.  May the Lord bless our efforts and bring many to know Him!

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Leaflets that Change Lives

How can you reach out with God’s Love everywhere you go?  With Love Leaflets!  Check out this video and you’re on your way!

This is one of my favorite tips on sharing God’s love everywhere we go.

Each person is precious.  They matter.  And have you looked at the new lately? With the divorce rate like it is – with addictions skyrocketing – with depression off the charts, there’s a heapa trouble out there!

We have the answer.  We have the hope and the joy that so many are looking for.  And folks who have put their faith in Jesus could sure use some joy splashed on them too!

So how can we just pass people by?  We can’t just breathe air, take up space, and not encourage the people God has put in my path.   Well, we just can’t any more.  We might not be able to help everyone, but we can help some.  And that’s why I’m sharing this tip.   Together, we can make a huge difference.  But we have to open our eyes – and open our hearts – and be prepared!

 So  how?  Pretty easy actually.  I call them Love Leaflets.  I made one called “Have a Great Day!” and another “You Are Special”, several others, some in Spanish, some for Christmas. They’re all FREE on  Or you can make your own-   Just print, cut, fold and pop them in a cardboard envelope and you’re ready to go!

Before I got started, I thought it was going to be hard…maybe a little awkward.  The first time I gave out a Love Leaflet was at Burger King.  The checker gave me a huge smile and said thanks.   He really appreciated being treated like he mattered.  I’ve handed out countless since.  Everywhere I go!  There’s a list on the Love Leaflets page of all the people you see every day.  It’s incredible how many lives we touch every day!   Even if you might never see that person again, but you’ve planted a seed.  Somebody else will water it.  We’re part of God’s plan to bless each other.

I love to think about what Jesus did every day…reaching out to each person he met.  Doing what He could for them.  Of course, He could make the blind to see and raise the dead!   We won’t be doing that most likely, but we can help someone see God’s love for them, and help them to come alive to a new life with Him.

 Now, it’s your turn.  You can do this.  It’s not hard.  It doesn’t take a lot of time or money.  Go to the Love Leaflets page and print them for free.  Give it a try and you will love it.  And they will love it.  And God will too.

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