Blueprint for Revival!

Blueprint for Revival!

Of course, there’s no Blueprint for Revival…. it is an organic movement lead by the Spirit of God.   I just wrote that to pique  your interest!   But, if there WAS a Blueprint for Revival, I think it would go something like what is happening in our little town.  We are praying it will happen in all the little towns across America… and the world!


1 -LOVE & FORGIVENESS – Gotta start there… and stay there.  And it starts with God’s people!   How can He spread love and forgiveness if we don’t love and forgive?!!!  Everybody!   Let it go!  Whoever you’re mad at.  Whatever they did.  They need Jesus!  So LET IT GO!!!  Pray for those you feel have wronged you.  Love EVERYBODY – yes, that means EVERYBODY!  The rich – the poor – the black – the white – the old – the young – the rude – the backbiters – the aggravating… you get the idea.    Jesus said to love one another deeply …. that others will know we are His disciples by the love we have for one another… and He prayed that we would be ONE.    If you don’t do this, there’s no need to read further.

2 – WE ARE NOT IN COMPETITION!  Can we just stop this?!  If I lead someone to Jesus, and they attend other church gatherings, YIPPEE!!!  They don’t BELONG to me!   They belong to Jesus!    Jesus told us to Go and Make Disciples!   So, as long as they are following Jesus, YAHOOO!!!   They should never sense that I am trying to control them… but to simply love them, and help them follow Jesus!

3 – ASK THE LORD FOR DIRECTION CONSTANTLY! Wherever you are.  Whatever you are doing.  At work.. at the grocery… at the gym… in your neighborhood…  Lord, how can You use me?  Your kingdom come.  Your will be done right here as it is in Heaven.   Pray for His Spirit to fill you.  “And you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you, and you will be my WITNESSES!!”  That’s what the power of His Spirit in us is for… to point folks to Jesus!  Pray for those you will meet.  Pray that He will direct you to those who need and are ready for His love.  Pray that He will help you see each other through Jesus’ eyes, and reach them with His love!

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PLUS… in our little town, here are some more ways we are reaching the youth and their families in our community!

  • School Assemblies at the Junior High School and High School to encourage kids to stay off drugs, stay in school, and stay outta crime!
  • Mentoring program to help kids set their feet in a path of success!
  • Musicians come to a local park to present God’s love in a way that reaches our youth.  (
  • We participate in School and Community events with Uplifting Music and Inflatables!
  • We started and support Fellowship of Christian Athletes (Students) at our schools.
  • We have small groups at different times/locations, so we can pray for each other, and learn from each other and from God’s Word.
  • We donate to and volunteer at our local Thrift Shops that support recovery from addictions.
  • We support a local community center where youth can come for safety and encouragement, and we meet for prayer/study.
  • If someone has an illness, we do whatever we can to pray for and support them.
  • We hold Benefits for those who have lost loved ones, to help cover funeral expenses.
  • We attend support groups with those who are grieving the loss of a loved one.
  • We have Halloween alternative events that keep youth out of trouble, and promote community unity.
  • We celebrate Thanksgiving with gifts of canned goods and turkeys to our neighbors.
  • We celebrate Christmas with gifts to youth and their families, so they know they are loved unconditionally.

Sound overwhelming?  It can be… but the Lord gives us the strength to do it together!  And when you see lives changed by the love of Jesus, it’s all worth it!   I hope these 60 ideas have encouraged you to think of 60 more! This is the only way Revival will come… as we love one another as the Lord has loved us.

If you’re not already in the game, get in the game!     YOU WILL LOVE IT!

And you will make a difference,  ONE LIFE AT A TIME!


The Miracle Man cover teal copy 2


Hope you love these stories I wrote about ordinary people like us, who received miracles from Jesus! Imagine yourself as the blind man who received his sight! And the paralyzed man who was healed! And even the thief on the cross beside Jesus! Jesus is the Miracle Man!


The Miracle Man 7-5-14Free Ebook copy (PDF)

The Miracle Man 7-5-14 (Word doc for Kindle)

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