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If you’ve never signed up for FREE Devotional Emails from, you’re missing out!  There are so many heart-warming, inspiring emails to choose from…you’ll want them all!  What a great resource!
HERE’S HOW: Open or  in 10 languages (more info)!  Click the ones you want, insert your email address, “Sign Up” & Enjoy!
BTW– one of my favorites on is “Heartlight Daily”.  It has a Scripture verse, a short thought about that verse, and a prayer to bring that verse to life in my heart.  Beautiful!
And… BONUS!!!  When I visit with a friend, I ask if they would like to receive a Daily Encouragement Email from God’s Word.  They always say “YES!”  So, I get their email address, hop on and sign them up.   Easy.  It only takes me a minute, but I know they will receive a Word from the Lord every day.


PRAYER EMAILS: With Email and Texting, we can send love and join in prayer anytime, anywhere!  We can’t always stop what we’re doing and join with our friends in verbal prayer, but the Lord has provided this wonderful technology, so let’s use it!  (see sample Prayer Emails)

It’s really simple and everyone loves it!  Just create a Prayer Email group in your mailbox, and start praying.  You’ll get used to typing as you pray, and everyone can reply, AMEN!

Of course, urgent needs can be responded to quickly with email.  For other needs, everyone can send in prayer requests, and you might set a day of the week to send the group email prayer…to avoid email overload.

This is not exclusive.  Everyone can be a part of the Prayer Email Group.  Everybody gets to experience the joy of bringing our needs to our Heavenly Father, who loves us and loves to answer our prayers.

(It is a good idea to put email addresses under BCC, (blind carbon copy) to avoid spam.)

index_image7781TEXT MESSAGING:    I love being able to send and receive love and prayer via text!  What a blessing that we can pray together anytime, anywhere!

Try it out the next time you are praying for someone in the hospital, going to the doctor, taking an exam, going through some stressful situation…whatever.   It will be just what the doctor ordered!

YOUTUBE & GODTUBE VIDEOS:  Have you seen some of the wonderful inspirational videos on YouTube and GodTube?  From Laura Story’s beautiful music, to Nick Vujicic’s inspirational story, to “The Gospel” by, and so many compelling sermons and Christian movies, you will find tons of inspiration for yourself… and to share!  Find great ones at



index_image9701Check this out!  The entire Bible in tons of versions,  all on your smart phone!  We’ve come a long way since Bibles were hand-written on scrolls!   So let take advantage of our opportunity to be living in the 21st century!

Just search for the YOUVERSION Bible App and install.  You’ll always have God’s Word literally at your fingertips.    You can easily change versions, search for phrases, highlight sections, save bookmarks, keep up with your daily reading plan, make notes, and the latest version even has videos! FREE!  How amazing is that?!  Next I’ll show you how I use YouVersion to share God’s Love!



Imagine this.  I’m sitting in a nail salon as this lovely young Vietnamese lady is taking care of me, while I read the Bible on my phone.

As I was basking in the pedicure and the promises God has for me, I had a neat idea.  I quickly changed the Bible version into Vietnamese and showed it to her.  I’ll never forget how she took the phone right out of my hand and began scrolling through the Word of God for her very first time!   That was the beginning of our friendship.  I still don’t speak Vietnamese, and she speaks very little English, but we can communicate with the YouVersion Bible App on my smart phone!

I might never go to Vietnam, but the Vietnamese (and so many others) are coming to us!  We can reach them with God’s love, and get our nails done at the same time!


What an amazing time we live in – communication is easier than ever!  With the internet, we can communicate with folks we’d never have been able to reach before.  So how about checking out a celebrity’s blog, a talk show host’s blog, a radio personality’s blog and following the conversation?  You can add comments from the perspective of God’s Word, and potentially reach millions!

Join Reach A Life Today on Twitter and our Facebook Community page where you will see inspiring posts.  Make sure to Like, Share, and Comment!  What an powerful way to share His love!

Let’s make sure that we always follow the Lord’s instructions in Titus 3:2 “to slander no one, to be peaceable and considerate, and always to be gentle toward everyone”.  And in 1 Peter 3:15, “But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord.  Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.  But do this with gentleness and respect.”   We certainly don’t want to do more harm than good.  Pray and the Lord will give you the right words from His heart.  (Luke 21:13-15)


A good handle on God’s Word gives you so much confidence to share God’s love.  You have the Word ready at all times!  But how?  Scripture Songs!  It’s the high-tech way to tuck Bible verses in your heart and mind.  Soon, we will put several on this website.  Until then, check them out at  There are over 900 in 3 different versions!  Get ready to Reach A Life Today!