Jesus’ Perfect Prayer for Us

Here is Your Perfect Prayer!

Good news is that most likely you already know this prayer. If you need help to pray, this is a great place to start.  That’s why Jesus gave us this prayer.  This video will help you to make Jesus’ Perfect Prayer, YOUR Perfect Prayer, and stay connected to God.


And Please Pray for Reach A Life Today
We want to see God’s love transform America!  So our Mission is to help EQUIP, ENERGIZE & ENCOURAGE believers to boldly reach out every day everywhere.
Pick 1 of the 50 Ways Today!

Dear Lord Jesus, we see so much turmoil around us.  We look to You for help.  Please open doors and use Reach A Life Today to help us be bold in sharing Your great love.  Send Your Spirit to draw our hearts to You and to one another in Your great love.

If you missed the National Day of Prayer meeting in DC, click here:

Recordings of Capitol Hill – Cannon House Prayer Meeting

If you are looking of the answer to our Country’s problems, this is it!
Pray. Pray. Pray.
Not because we are hopeless, but because our hope is in God who alone can restore us.
Prayer 7-Days for USA

So What’s Next?
The National Day of Prayer is a catalyst for the prayer movement. It doesn’t end on the first Thursday of May. Rather, it only begins! Make the commitment to pray daily for our nation.
Starting, after Memorial Day, the National Day of Prayer is launching a national bus tour, so look for details coming soon on

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