Tour Jerusalem

Come on a Tour to Jerusalem!

I’ve always wanted to actually see the path that Jesus walked on those four days from the Last Supper to His Resurrection.  I got to do that when we went to Israel!  I’ve created this video so you can go on that tour with me!  I was awestruck that Jesus just would NOT stop.  He would do WHATEVER it took to make us safe with Him forever.  The enemy unleashed its worst, but Jesus was VICTORIOUS!

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This video will take you from:
the Upper Room where Jesus celebrated with His disciples,
to the Garden of Gethsemane where He prayed in agony,
to Caiaphas’ Palace where He was convicted by the religious rulers,
then to the Antonio Fortress where Jesus was convicted by the government rulers and the crowd,
and then to Golgotha where He was crucified,
and then to the victorious Garden Tomb where He rose from the dead,
and to the Mount of Olives where He ascended!
May His great love fill our hearts and compel us to love Him and others!


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