Visual Bible (Free Bible Movies!)

You will LOVE these wonderful scenes from

“The Visual Bible – Gospel of Matthew”.

Sometimes during the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus has the folks laughing their heads off!   Just imagine the joy that surrounded Jesus as he healed people right and left! Loved seeing that – almost like I was there!    And I love the scene where Jesus calms the storm, saving them from drowning. The disciples are in total shock. And then they can’t contain their joy!

Oh, I loved Jesus healing the leper. What must that have been like for him? From being an outcast and in horrible pain and need, to complete restoration in a moment, with Jesus’ kind words.  “I AM willing – Be Clean!”  You will never forget that scene.    (Have tissue handy.)

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This wonderful movie is the entire Gospel of Matthew. So it will take some time to watch. We watched it over several nights, so we could soak it all in.

(I am definitely supporting their making of the Gospel of John! see

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